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Summer Opportunity for High Schoolers at Augsburg

In addition to hosting the Riverside Innovation Hub, Augsburg’s Christensen Center for Vocation hosts several other exciting opportunities for congregations and leaders. Learn more about the Augsburg Youth Theology Institute (AYTI) happening July 8-13, 2018 and share the invitation below from an ATYI staff with a high schooler you know!

“The Augsburg Youth Theology Institute is an opportunity for high school aged youth to come to Augsburg University for one week in the summer and engage in deep, meaningful, theological learning.  Students stay on campus and pray, play, and learn together in community. This year we will focus on empowering students to challenge and lead their congregations into their neighborhoods for the common good through becoming skilled peer ministers, cross-cultural advocates, and community organizers.  We will wrestle together with the theory and theology of local missions as accompaniment in Jesus’ name. Students will spend time in the classroom and out in the community exploring these themes in the world. Each day starts and ends with prayer and worship, and we have a lot of fun along the way, all while exploring our calls and vocations in the world today.  For more information, to nominate a youth, or to apply, please visit our website.”