Martin Sabo exemplified the progressive approach and personal integrity that were modeled in his Lutheran upbringing and education. The Sabo Center for Citizenship and Learning is a living laboratory of these values, carrying forward Sabo’s abiding faith in the role government can play in improving the lives of citizens. The Sabo Center provides venues for Augsburg students and the community to learn from local and national civic leaders and connects students with service-learning and civic engagement opportunities.

Martin Olav Sabo Professor of Citizenship and Learning

Garry Hesser, professor of sociology, serves as the Sabo Professor for Citizenship and Learning. He is aided by the Sabo Senior Fellows and Sabo Scholars.

Sabo Senior Fellows

Senior Fellow for Academic Civic Engagement

Lars Christiansen, associate professor of sociology

Senior Fellows for Civic Agency

Harry Boyte, co-director, Center for Democracy and Citizenship


Senior Fellow for Leadership and Change

Bill Green, associate professor of history   

Senior Fellow

Jay Walljasper