Augsburg Reads

Supporting Local Youth

Every semester, work-study eligible Auggies go into our neighborhood to build relationships with local youth and help them to improve their academic lives. Originally started as a literacy project, Augsburg Reads has expanded to partner with Trinity Lutheran Congregration’s Safe Place Homework Help to assist students from 1st-12th grade with their homework in all areas from reading to math and science.

Augsburg is a neighbor to one of the largest and most recent immigrant communities from East Africa, and this tutoring experience offers our students the chance to experience the richness of the cultural heritages in our neighborhood as they help local youth succeed in their studies.

Of course, this is just a small portion of the Augsburg students working in the community to help ensure the academic success of our youth in Minneapolis. Many of our students are working alongside teachers, both in the classroom and after school, in the Minneapolis Public Schools as a part of their coursework at Augsburg. For instance, Augsburg has found a number of interesting ways to engage with the Cedar Riverside Community School. For more information on our many school partnerships, please contact Chris Brown in the education department.