The Bachelors in Social Work: Teaching Philosophy

At Augsburg College, social work education is an expression of the college’s motto, “Education for Service,” and its mission to “nuture future leaders in service to the world.” Augsburg has offered social work education since the mid 1960s and the Bachelors in Social Work degree (BSW) has been continually accredited since 1980.

The BSW program at Augsburg is designed for individuals who are interested in a generalist social work degree with emphasis in cultural competency, social and economic justice and social work practice from a strengths perspective. Our BSW degree prepares graduates to practice in a wide variety of social services with a wide variety of communities.

The mission of the Social Work Department is, “To develop social work professionals for practice that promotes social justice and empowerment towards the well-being of people in a diverse and global society.” Social justice perspective and and skills in culturally competent practice are some of the key ingredients in the BSW curriculum at Augsburg College. Our curriculum also emphasizes generalist practice methods, ethics, and social work values. Students are assigned to field agencies during both their junior and senior years. Students are given a variety of opportunities to apply social work knowledge and skills learned in the classroom while supervised in high quality social service agencies.

Graduates of th Augsburg College BSW program are well prepared for the Minnesota State Licensure exam and the degree provides a good foundation for those who go on to post-graduate studies in social work and other professional areas of study.