BSW Advising

I. The Social Work Faculty Advisor

Academic and professional advising is integral to achieving the maximum qualitative experience in your social work education. All students are required to have a social work faculty advisor and have the right to select an adviser from the pool of eligible and available social work faculty.

You should meet with your advisor prior to each registration period to review your progress and plans toward completing the required coursework in the major. Students should arrange appointments for other times. Pre-registration periods are published by the Registrar’s Office.

You should take advantage of the connections and Experience of your faculty advisor! Use advising sessions to explore social work as a career and to examine the core values of the profession and its meaning in the world. Your adviser is a member of associations, has contacts out in the greater human services community and with other educational institutions. Take advantage of this resource that is available to you as you continue the process of becoming a professional. Social work faculty members come from diverse professional backgrounds, have a myriad of interests, skills and experiences. Students are encouraged to meet with social work faculty other than their advisor to enhance the classroom experience and the acquisition of the generalist perspective.

II. The BSW Program Assistant Director

You have two people to help you navigate the curriculum and your path to graduation. The BSW Program Assistant Director assists students with the BSW Candidacy process, program requirements, transcript transfer credit evaluation, assigns faculty advisors, conducts the orientation to the major assists with international programs, acts as a back-up advisor, meets with prospective students and answer questions about enrollment.