BSW Curriculum and Schedule

Degree Title: Bachelor of Science in Social Work

The Augsburg College Bachelor of Science in Social Work (BSW) degree is for those who are interested in a generalist degree with a foundation in social justice and client empowerment.

The BSW degree prepares graduates to practice in a wide variety of areas in social services, working directly with clients, with cultural competency (understanding the role of race, class, gender, culture, sexual orientation, disability and age group on all aspects of social work practice) in an increasingly diverse Twin Cities area.

Students will learn practice skills on several levels; with individuals, families, groups, organizations and communities and the strengths of these systems.

The BSW curriculum integrates:

  • professional practice methods, field practicum experience
  • social work values, knowledge and skills
  • with a liberal arts academic core

In the first and second years students take courses in the BSW Supporting Program that give them a foundation in basic social science concepts, human behavior in the social environment and social work fields of practice.

Students officially enter the major through an application process called Candidacy that is completed in the spring term of the sophomore year or during the summer for fall transfer students. The deadline for summer applications is August 18, 2016.

During the junior year students enter the Practice Skills and Field Practicum sequences as well as taking an introductory social policy class. A seminar course accompanies the Field Practicum.

In the senior year the Practice and Field Sequence continues. Students complete a research course in the spring term take a capstone course which covers professional issues as well as advanced policy activities.


BSW candidates are required to take 17 courses: Seven courses in the Suppporting Program (5 outside the major) and 10 Core Courses.

A cumulative minimum G.P.A. of 2.2 must be maintained in the supporting program courses. Each major course must be passed with a 2.0 grade minimum.

The BSW Course Schedule

Supporting courses taught by the department are SWK 100, SWK 210, SWK 230 and SWK 280. SWK 100 and SWK 210 are taught in the fall term. SWK 100 and SWK 230 are taught spring term. SWK 280 is taught spring term every year.

The Core course sequence starts in the fall and continues into the the spring term. Core courses are taught once each academic year. Transfer students starting in the spring term should enroll in available Supporting courses and college general education courses in preparation to applying to the social work program.

Supporting Program Courses – 7 courses
Most, (4-5) if not all of these courses should be completed before junior year
Take 1 of these SWK 100: Introduction to Professional Social Work

SWK 210: Environment Justice and Social Change

SWK 230: Global Peace and Social Development

Take all 4 of these BIO 121: Human Biology with Lab

PSY 105: Principles of Psychology

SOC 121: Introduction to Human Society

SWK 280: Diversity and Oppression in Professional Practice

Take 1 of these ECO 112: Principles of Macroeconomics

POL 121: American Government and Politics

POL 122: Metropolitan Complex

POL 325: Politics and Public Policy

Take 1 of these SOC 362: Statistical Analysis

MAT 163: Introductory Statistics


Junior or Third Year, 16 – 23 Augsburg Credits or about 52 to 64 semester hours in transfer credits
Major courses start fall of the junior year and are a continuous 2-year sequence
Fall SWK 301: History and Analysis of Social Policy

SWK 303: Human Development and the Social Environment

SWK 306: Social Work Practice 1: Individuals

SWK 307: Field Work 1: Integrative Seminar

Spring SWK 316: Social Work Practice 2: Families and Groups

SWK 317: Field Work 2: Integrative Seminar

Senior or Fourth Year, 24+ Augsburg Credits
Fall SWK 406: Social Work Practice 3: Communities and Policies

SWK 407: Field Work 3: Integrative Seminar

Spring SWK 401: Social Work Research and Evaluation

SWK 417: Field Work 4: Integrative Seminar