Cost of the Program

General Student ChargesSocial Work Degree Charges

Academic Year Semester Charge One-Time Charge
Tuition (Full time) $29,802 $14,901 n/a
Fees (Full time) $637.50 $318.75 n/a
Room Charges (Urness Hall) $4,212 $2,106 n/a
Board Charges $3,956 $1,978 n/a
Aug101 AugSem Fee n/a n/a $100
Books/Supplies $468.75** n/a n/a
License Exam Application Fee n/a n/a $45
License Exam Fee n/a n/a $230
Cost of License n/a n/a $81
Internship Insurance $23 n/a n/a
NASW Membership Dues $48 n/a n/a
Social Work Textbooks $643.50** $321.80** n/a
Total $39,790.75** $19,625.55** $456
**Approximated Cost

For cost per credit, divide semester fees by four. (One Augsburg credit equals four semester hours.)

Students who practice social work that requires a state license must apply for a license and take a licensing exam. Our students are required to carry liability insurance while working in internships (see Internship Insurance). NASW student membership is also required in order for students to receive discounted liability insurance rates.