Study Abroad


Social Work in a Latin American Context: Offered on site in Cuernavaca, Mexico, the Social Work in a Latin American Context program was jointly created in 2003 by a collaboration of CSWE accredited social work programs in the Minnesota/South Dakota area. It now has nationwide membership. The program satisfies the curriculum requirements for the BSW degree and is in accord with CSWE accreditation standards. When space is available, it is open to social work majors from other CSWE accredited institutions from across the country that meet the pre-requisites for the program.

The Mexico Semester is rich in experience for those wanting an immersion experience in another culture and their Mexican internship.   Along with the internship there are regular classes in social policy.  Read more about the Mexico experience from our students’s point of view in the Blog.


SWK 699: Exploring Family and Child Welfare Services in Slovenia: US and Central Europe Comparisons is based on the University of Ljubljana, Slovenia’s approach to social policy and social well-being for families and children and an opportunity to observe and meet with Slovenian social workers in their practice settings. Students participating in this course spend time in orientation with the social work faculty at Augsburg and then join the Slovenia faculty to concentrate on child welfare and services at social work centers or other practice settings in areas such as domestic violence, refugees, mental health and poverty. Participants work with a group of Slovenian students, faculty and community practitioners.


 SWK 295/699: Social Welfare and Social Work in Beijing and Hong Kong provides a developmental context of China and Hong Kong and society’s ways of viewing social problems, social justice, and social service. It enables students to: (a) reflect on their own perspectives and (b) study and observe the social and cultural context of China/HK through experience of the culture and working of both state as well as non-governmental social welfare agencies.

Students will participate in pre-travel seminar sessions that will focus on the China/HK social, cultural, economic, political and historical context concepts and tools for cross-societal comparison of social development, social policies and social services.

Course work focuses on the impact of social, political, economic, and cultural forces to develop cross-cultural understanding of social development, policy, services, and social work issues in China and Hong Kong.

Find out about these and other study abroad programs offered by the Center for Global Education here at Augsburg College, as well as programs sponsored by their affiliates.