Instructor Resources and Benefits


BSW Field Seminar Syllabi

Juniors:  SWK 307 & 317

Seniors:  SWK 407 & 417

MSW Field Seminar Syllabi:

Foundation:  SWK 530 & 535

MCCP:  SWK 610, 611, & 612

MCCP Assignments:

  • Assessment
  • Goal Setting
  • Intervention
  • Termination
  • Process
  • Use of Self
  • Portfolio

PDPA:  SWK 651 & 652

  • PDPA Learning Agenda
  • PDPA Summative Project

Supervisory Relationship

NASW Social Workers and Safety

Aversive Racism by Dovidio and Gaertner

Network News and Racial Beliefs by Dixon

Racial Microaggressions in Everyday Life

Levels of Empathy

Integrative Case Analysis Model for Linking Theory and Practice by Boisen and Syers


  1. Free CEU workshops are available for field instructors.  Current field instructors are notified of workshops via email.  These events are also posted to the field calendar.
  2. Field instructors with an MSW are eligible to participate in our Supervision Certificate trainings
  3. Opportunities to network with other professionals in the social work community