Frequently Asked Questions

Current funding for the AugSTEM Scholars Program expires April 30, 2016, and we are waiting to hear the decision regarding our renewal proposal. We currently have guaranteed funding for 2 STEM Transfer Provost Scholarships. Interested students should follow the directions below to apply. 
Q: I am planning to go into the health field.  Can I apply? 
A:  If your major is one of the following six STEM majors (biology, biopsychology, chemistry, physics, mathematics, or computer science), you are eligible to apply.  However, in accordance with the NSF grant, preference be given to those whose career goals are related to the advancement of STEM (vs. health care).  
Q: I am not sure what my major GPA is. How do I find out?
A: Your major GPA is located in the degree progress tab in Records and Registration, when you run a major progress report.
Q: My current GPA is under a 3.0.  Should I still apply?
A:  Your official major GPA will be calculated once spring grades are in.  If you are currently below a 3.0 in your major, talk with your advisor about the likelihood of your GPA rising to a 3.0 with the spring grades included. 
Q: What is the average GPA of the current AugSTEM Scholars?
A: 3.76
Q:  How do I know if I qualify as having “financial need”?
A:  You can check your Expected Family Contribution (EFC) on your SAR Financial Need Form.  This form will be sent to you after you complete your FAFSA, as long as you enter a valid email address.  If your SAR has not come yet, you may use last year’s report by following these simple instructions:
1.            Go to
2.            Click Login & enter your information
3.            Click on the tab for the previous year’s taxes
4.            Click ‘View Processed Information’
5.            Enter your pin number (or request a new pin if you’ve forgotten)
6.           If your EFC is less than cost of attendance (tuition + room and board) you are eligible
Q: I am studying abroad next year. Can I still be an AugSTEM scholar?
A: Yes. 
Q: Am I still eligible if I am graduating next semester?
A: Yes, as long as you have one semester remaining, you are eligible.
Q: Are international students eligible?
A: No.  Because scholarship funding is from the national government, unfortunately international students are not eligible. 
Q: I am a community college student planning to attend Augsburg next year.  Can I still apply?
A: We encourage incoming transfer students who have been accepted to Augsburg to apply. 
Q: Who should I have write my recommendations?
A: You want to pick faculty members who have had you in a STEM class or have worked with you on STEM-related research.  Faculty who have taught you in more advanced major courses are particularly good choices. 
Q: I am not sure if I want to go to graduate school. Can I still apply?
A: Yes.  The purpose of the grant is to prepare students for success in the STEM workforce.  Some students may choose to go to graduate school before entering the workforce, while others may prefer to go into the STEM field immediately.
Q: I will be student teaching next year.  Can I still apply?
A: Yes.  
Q:  I am really busy.  How much time will I need to commit to AugSTEM?
A:  Our goal is to help you succeed as a student so there are few required AugSTEM events.  Scholars are required to attend two seminars, two special events, and contribute seven hours to STEM programs each semester.
Q: Do I need to do anything to keep my scholarship?
A: Yes.  You need to maintain a 3.0 GPA in your major, participate in required AugSTEM events (see previous question), and illustrate continued financial need.
Q: Does everyone get a $7,000 scholarship?
A:  While all awards reflect equal academic merit, the size of the award is based on financial aid data available to the school.