Twin Cities Teacher Collaborative

The Twin Cities Teacher Collaborative (TC2) STEM Urban Teacher Residency is an innovative program designed to recruit, prepare, and support strong effective new teachers – bringing energy, ideas, and real-world experience to meet the critical challenge of increased educational achievement for all students.

The TC2 Residency program will train early career scientists and mathematicians to effectively teach P-12 STEM content – science, technology, engineering, and mathematics – district-identified high-need license areas.

The full-time, year-long, post-baccalaureate Residency experience integrates best practices for the preparation of highly effective educators including specialized content knowledge, cultural competence, and other critical aspects of effective teaching and learning geared to the high-needs, 21st Century, urban school setting.

TC2 Residents:

– Co-teach with an experienced teacher for a school year

– Experience a P-12 urban school site

– Train with a cohort of other residents

– Learn how to effectively differentiate instruction

– Work to become culturally proficient practitioners

– Teach for the 21st century classroom

– Receive ongoing support and feedback

– Develop a network of professional colleagues

– Graduate with an edge in the competitive job market

– Are prepared to make a real difference for students

Twelve TC2 Residency candidates will be recruited from enrolled students and recent graduates in the fields of science, technology, mathematics or STEM education from the six TC2 partner institutions* for the 2012-13 year. Residents will receive a $10,000 stipend to participate in the intensive yearlong program, which includes a nine-month co-teaching experience with a trained mentor teacher in an urban school setting; integrated coursework emphasizing cultural competence and differentiation; continuous assessment; and an intense focus on specialized STEM content. Upon completion of the program, Residents will receive a license in 5-12 Mathematics, 9-12 Physics, Chemistry, Earth/Space Science, or Life Science. Residents must teach for three years in a high-need school following their training and will receive additional mentorship support from TC2 during that period.

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