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The Clair and Gladys Strommen Center for Meaningful Work actively promotes the exploration of vocation, purposeful living and meaningful work by connecting liberal and professional knowledge and skills with talent, faith and core values.  Guided by a vision to be recognized by all stakeholders (students, alumni, parents, faculty, staff, and the employment community) as a college where all students and alumni can identify their strengths, skills and knowledge and know how to use them in the world, the Center provides career education and planning services and prepares student to make effective life and career choices to achieve their on-going and /or changing professional dreams.  The Strommen Center advances Augsburg’s mission by:

  • Providing all Augsburg students and alumni with a wide range of resources and support to help launch them on career and life paths where their interests, passions, skills, strengths, faith and values intersect with who they are and who they can be.
  • Helping prepare students to live lives of purpose and make meaningful contributions to work and society throughout their lives.
  • Serving as a focal point/clearinghouse for key relationships with the employment community.

Through the collaborative efforts of the Strommen Career and Internship Services office and the Strommen Senior Fellow, the Center will engage the entire community in promoting working with purpose by:

  • Faculty and staff leadership that assists academic programs to meet the ever-changing needs of the employment market and supports the establishment of a career-oriented learning community.
  • Student and alumni engagement that assists students and alumni to discover their strengths, explore vocation, and develop the skills necessary to identify and secure career opportunities.
  • Public outreach that expands relationships with for-profit, government, churches, schools and non-profit organizations, as well as alumni and parents.  It brings speakers from the community to Augsburg through the Strommen Executive Speaker Series, and promotes Augsburg student and alumni talent.