Career Exploration

Finding the pathway that fits you best begins with growing in self-awareness:

  • How do your values, interests, personality, skills, strengths and life experiences influence your personal definition of meaningful work?
  • Which major and career options might help you contribute your gifts to our world?
  • Where am I in the career development process? What is coming next for me?
  • Which paths will help you find work that is meaningful to you – work that sustains and fuels you – and that aligns with your who you are, your needs, and your situation?



  • On your own: There are steps you can take on your own to find your path. View sample action steps you can take in our Four Year Career Planning Guide
  • With a coach: Augsburg career coaches can help you explore options and hone in on a path that fits you well. To make an appointment, stop in to our office or call: 612-330-1148.
  • In the classroom: Consider enrolling in our 2-credit careers course (INS 298 – Meaningful Work: Linking Education, Vocation & Career Exploration).

 Taking the first steps to find your path

Many students find these steps helpful in the early stages of academic and career exploration:

Read or watch:

  • What Can I Do With This Major? Explore career paths associated with various majors.
  • O*NET Online: Find detailed information about occupations from the Department of Labor.
  • Resources by Major Page: Discover helpful resources connected to Augsburg majors.
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Talk about it:

  • Meet with your faculty and/or staff academic adviser to chat about interests and goals.
  •  Talk with at least one student in each major you are considering to learn about the major.
  • Complete an informational interview to explore occupations and career fields.

Try it out:

  • Secure a summer job or internship that will help you build skills related to your interests.
  • Attend a professional association meeting for your field and chat with other professionals.
  • Deepen your mentoring relationships and continue to seek out mentors in your life.
  • Participate in various events to help you explore majors and careers, such as the Fall Major/Career Exploration Series.

Career Assessments

“Can I take the test that will tell me what to be?”  We get this question a lot. While career assessments can be helpful in clarifying aspects of who you are (values, interests, personality, skills, or strengths), they are not magic. They are just one of the tools used to help you explore your major and career options.

If you feel overwhelmed by all the options available, or need support in discovering what you love to do and how your interests align with who you are and your goals, consider an individual career coaching appointment. Coaches can help determine if an assessment might be helpful, or if there are other approaches that will be more powerful in clarifying your goals and interests.

Assessments offered (all free of charge to students) include (view descriptions here):

  • Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI)
  • Strong Interest Inventory
  • StrengthsQuest
  • Values card sort
  • Skills card sort

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Career Class (INS 298)

Interested in exploring career options and where you may find meaningful work? Consider taking the 2-credit Career Course – INS 298: Meaningful Work: Linking Education, Vocation & Career Exploration.

Please check the course search for details and upcoming offerings, or contact us.


Additional Career Exploration Links

  • What Can I Do With This Major? This site offers information on different career paths associated with a major, and how you can prepare now.
  • O*NET Online Browse detailed information about occupations. (Option to look up career options by your Strong Interest Inventory theme code)
  • Occupational Outlook Handbook This site from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics has up to date information on hundreds of occupations.
  • Spotlight on Careers Explore a range of careers that often appeal to liberal arts students.   Once on the site, you will need to log in:
    Username: spotlightaccess   Password:  liberalarts2015
  • Career One StopThis site offers information for career exploration along with a variety of additional resources to help you prepare for a career.
  • iSEEK Minnesota’s career, education, and job resource site. Check out the “explore careers” section.
  • iSEEK Green  Features specific information on green careers in Minnesota.