Job interviews involve meeting with employers to see if you match a position’s qualifications and the organization’s work culture.   An interview is your opportunity to provide concrete examples of how you meet the organization’s needs and to prove that you will be successful in that position.  In order to be successful you should know what to expect and prepare in advance.

Remember:  Successful interviewing takes practice!

Here are several resources to help you prepare for an interview:

  • Review our complete guide: Preparing For An Interview
  • Practice your answers to Interview Questions.  Click  Sample Interview Questions on the left side bar.
  • Complete a “mock interview” (practice) with a career counselor.  Schedule an appointment.
  • Watch the following videos for great tips on how to succeed in an interview:

How to Ace your Interview

Top Interview Mistakes

 Audio Description Video – Top Interview Mistakes 

Thank You Notes & Follow Up

Never forget to send a thank you note after an interview!  Depending on your situation, thank you cards may be a handwritten note or an email.  The goal of the note is to express your appreciation for an interview, restate your interest in the position, and summarize your qualifications. Sending a thank you note leaves a good impression and can sometimes be the deciding factor as to who gets offered the position.

For more details on how to write a thank you note, read our handout on: Thank You Notes

Here are a few sample thank you notes:

Salary Negotiation

When preparing for an interview you also need to make sure you are ready to answer questions about salary.  Many times you will not discuss salary until a job offer is given, but it is important to be prepared.

To help you determine what a salary range might be, check out the following websites and videos: