Resumes and Cover Letters


A resume is a document used for marketing your skills, experience, education, and accomplishments to employers. It is meant to be your introduction toward gaining a face-to-face interview for a desired position. It should be constructed in a way that answers one main question: What can you do for the employer? Your resume should be easy to scan quickly, while simultaneously containing enough pertinent information that will reveal essential details about you and your skills.

  • Check out our guide for How To Write A Resume.
  • Make sure you are using Power Verbs when describing your experience.
  • Use the document links below to ensure you are using industry-specific language and buzz words.
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Resume Samples

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Cover Letters

A cover letter is a great opportunity to send a personal message to a potential employer. It should complement your resume by providing detailed information with a personal touch. The objective of a cover letter is to explain how you will add value to the employer’s organization. This is often the first contact you have with an employer and it’s your chance to make a great first impression. Your cover letter also serves as your writing sample, so be sure to use proper grammar and present a polished product.

Cover Letter Samples