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Student Information -Great Lakes Grant

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What is the Great Lakes Career Ready Internship Grant?

The Career Ready Internship Program is grant-funded through the Great Lakes Higher Education Guaranty Corporation, and is designed to help Augsburg students with financial need participate in career-meaningful, PAID internships.  Additional details about the program requirements and pay are listed in the Student FAQ . IT IS VERY IMPORTANT THAT YOU READ THROUGH THE FAQ BEFORE APPLYING.

Why would I participate?

  • Gain real world work experience AND get paid to do so.  Through the grant, you can gain valuable, relevant experience that might have been unpaid without the grant.
  • Internships are highly valued by employers as well as graduate schools and often times can lead to full-time employment opportunities.

Who is eligible?

  1. Junior and Seniors having completed at least 60 credits at the time of the internship.
  2. Financial aid eligible as determined by the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).  If you are eligible for FEDERAL work study, you are typically eligible for the grant.
  3. Students must maintain Title IV Satisfactory Academic Progress.  These requirements include maintaining a minimum 2.0 GPA and completing/passing at least 67% of attempted credits. Details can be found here.
  4. Under the stipulations of the grant maker, the following students are NOT eligible for the grant:
    • DACA/undocumented students
    • international students
    • graduate students
    • students participating in student teaching, field experience and nursing practicums
    • students who have graduated
  5. Internships must be directly related to the student’s major and provide the student with meaningful major-related work experience.

HOW many hours will i work?

During the academic year interns can work a maximum of 192 hours per semester.  Students will be paid $12.50 per hour.

How do I apply for an internship through the Program?

The application involves TWO steps, applying for the grant itself AND applying for a specific internship.  

1.  Apply for the grant using the Augsburg University Human Resource Department work study system.

  • Log into Inside Augsburg (AugNet)
  • Click on “On-Campus Student Jobs” under AugNet Services
  • Type “Great Lakes” in the keyword search and choose “Student” under the industry/function field
  • Click “Find Jobs”
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to apply and then click on submit
  • After applying you will receive notification that your application was submitted

2. Schedule an appointment through Handshake with a career coach to learn about pre-approved internships.

*If you have already secured an internship site on your own, you will NOT need to complete step 2 in the process.

what internships are available through the grant?

Students may already have an unpaid internship site arranged or obtain assistance finding an internship site through Career & Internship Services in the Strommen Center, The SABO Center, or the STEM programs at Augsburg.

In order to receive funding for an unpaid internship you must apply for grant, meet eligibility requirements, and secure an internship.  Funding is limited, so it is very important that you communicate with the Strommen Center and notify us once you have secured an internship. You may contact us by emailing or calling 612-330-1472.  Please note:  Prior to funding being awarded, the Strommen Center will need to work with the site to have them complete the employer application.

What are the requirements?

Students using this grant must register their internship with Augsburg by either taking it for credit or for the 0 credit Augsburg Experience. Visit the Internship Registration Guide for instructions on how to register.