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Employer Information – Great Lakes Grant

Great Lakes 2015-18 Career Ready Internship Grant Recipient

The Great Lakes Career Ready Internship Grant

What is the Great Lakes Career Ready Internship Grant?

The Great Lakes Career Ready Internship Grant was created in recognition that internships are both an important recruiting strategy and a key way for students to gain real-world, academically-connected career knowledge. Understanding that students who demonstrate financial need are often unable to pursue internships for financial reasons, the purpose of the Career Ready Internship Program is to create funded internship opportunities for these students and enable them to succeed in these opportunities. This Program is funded by a grant from the Great Lakes Higher Education Guaranty Corporation and funds internships for Spring 2016 through Spring 2018.

As a participant in the Great Lakes Career Ready Internship Grant, your organization would be able to convert an existing, unpaid internship into a paid internship and/or to create a new, paid internship for an Augsburg student with financial need.  This may help your organization gain visibility amongst Augsburg students and faculty as well as add interns to your organization in an area that previously had no such opportunities.

What are my responsibilities if my organization is selected?

  • Provide meaningful projects to your Augsburg intern.
  • Provide supervision.
  • Track student hours and respond to Augsburg University requests to confirm hours worked.
  • Adhere to the Fair Labor Standards act
  • Complete all evaluation materials sent to you by Augsburg University.
  • Contribute a small amount to intern wages.  The Great Lakes grant will pay 85% of the intern wages for non-profits and 75% intern wages for for-profit organizations.

What organizations are eligible to apply?

Both for-profit and non-profit organizations are encouraged to apply.

How to Apply

1)      Read the Employer FAQs before applying

2)     Review the complete list of application questions before beginning the online application process. * Please note once you begin the on-line application you will not be able to save and complete it later, therefore, this document will help ensure that you have all of the required information before you begin.

3)   Complete the Great Lakes Career Ready Internship Grant Employer Application