Internship Learning Agreement Plan

An academic internship is a planned, work-learning experience done for credit.  This agreement clarifies the educational goals of the internship, and is written by the student in consultation with a faculty supervisor and an on-site supervisor.  This Internship Learning Agreement should be completed after attending an internship registration session and after initial approval from the faculty supervisor.  Goals should address each of the learning objective categories listed below.

Learning Objectives Categories:

  1. Application of concepts or theories of your major and your liberal arts education and/or development of new knowledge and understanding.
  2. Skill development related to your major or an occupation; and/or general skills such as oral and written communication, critical thinking, organization, problem solving, decision making, leadership, interpersonal relationships, technical, etc.
  3. Personal development such as self-awareness, self-confidence, sensitivity and appreciation for diversity, clarification of work and personal values, career and professional development.

IMPORTANT NOTE:  You can not save this form as you go, please collect the relevant information and write your objectives in advance before completing this form.