Non-Credit Internships (Augsburg Experience)

At Augsburg, internships can be registered for a non-credit (0-credit) internship course to fulfill the Augsburg Experience requirement.  This option recognizes the learning inherent in integrating your education with internship or related experience while not requiring you to register for academic credit.  If you are seeking academic course credit (2 or 4 credits) for your internship, please review the academic internship registration process here.

What qualifies for the non-credit internship?

  • Experience must be off-campus and related to your major, minor and/or career goals.
  • Positions must offer an opportunity to apply theory to practice in a work setting with opportunity for clear application of coursework and enhancement of knowledge and skills.
  • Students will be required to create learning strategies, observable objectives and systematic evaluation of the learning processes and outcomes.
  • Positions may be paid or unpaid.
  • Sites may include approved relevant part-time jobs during the school year, full-time or part-time relevant summer job opportunities, or internships in a students major field.
  • Student must complete a minimum of 80 hours on the internship site, but are strongly encouraged to complete additional hours to have a more meaningful opportunity to contribute to the organization.
  • Start and end dates for experiences are flexible, but students must be registered for the internship during the term in which they are completing the experience.

Non-Credit Internship Registration and Requirements

non-credit internship process - updated

The non-credit internship acknowledges the learning and academic value of a work-based learning experience. It is a non-credit recognition and there is no registration fee. Students seeking to complete a non-credit internship are required to do the following.


1. Secure an internship site and position.  If you need assistance finding an internship, contact Strommen Career & Internship Services at 612-220-1148 or to schedule an appointment to discuss your interests and internship site possibilities.

2.  Report your internship site.  Once you have confirmed an internship site, fill out information about your internship position, supervisor and description in the Site Supervisor Agreement form (see below).   *NOTE: You must first be logged into Inside Augsburg in order to access this form.   The agreement form will be sent directly to your site supervisor for approval based on the information submitted.  The approved Site Supervisor Agreement must completed online prior to being able to register for academic credit.

3. Attend a required Internship Registration/Orientation Session with Career & Internship Services (dates below).   Before attending a session, please complete the Site Supervisor Agreement form.  You are responsible for making it to one of these required sessions to obtain the required signatures to register your internship experience.  The sessions are held in the Strommen Center (Christensen Center, Suite 100) and will last approximately 1 hour.

  • Wednesday, August 24th at 10:30 am
  • Monday, August 29th at 1:00 pm
  • Thursday, September 1st at 4:00 pm
  • Tuesday, September 6th at 8:30 am and 3:45 pm
  • Thursday, September 8th at 11:20 am
  • Friday, September 9th at 10:30 am (*Please note this is the last session offered prior to the Fall registration deadline)

4. Register for AUG EX3 (Non-Credit Internship) by submitting a completed Internship Registration Form to the enrollment center during the open registration period.  NOTE: You do not need the faculty and department chair signature for the AUG EX3 course, but you must attend an internship orientation/registration session to obtain permission to register from the Strommen Center.

Academic Requirements:

Complete the following after your internship has been registered for the Augsburg Experience.

5. Submit your required Internship Learning Agreement online, no later than the 3rd week of your internship .  The Learning Agreement is the academic focus of your internship, where you will specify and elaborate on the academic and work goals and objectives, activities and strategies to achieve learning, target dates, and methods of evaluation.  The Learning Agreement should be written by you, approved by your faculty supervisor and acceptable to the internship site supervisor.   For examples of internship learning agreements, check out this guide.

  • Fall semester – DUE by the end of the third week of the internship
  • Spring semester – DUE by the end of the third week of the internship
  • Summer semester – DUE by the end of the first week of the internship

6.  Complete final evaluations.  As you wrap up your internship, final internship evaluations will be emailed directly to the student and site supervisor to complete two weeks prior to finals.  Samples of the evaluations can be found here.

7. Complete the Augsburg Experience reflection paper/questions at the end of the internship after completing a minimum of 80 hours to reflect on progress made on the learning goals and in response to the prompts given.  Upon registering for the course you will receive the rubric to answer 5 reflection prompts in a final paper.  Papers are typically due the week prior to finals.

8. Students receive a grade of “P” (participation with no credit) when the final paper is satisfactorily completed and approved.

If you have any questions about registering or completing your non-credit internship for your Augsburg Experience please email [email] or call the main office at 612-330-1148.