Backstage Magazine features Augsburg College’s theater program

Top 5 College Theater Programs Outside of NY

Augsburg College TheaterBackstage magazine’s 2012 Fall College Guide named Augsburg College among the top five U.S. institutions for theater majors who wish to continue their studies professionally.

“In our Theater Department, students connect with professional artists in the city while they delve into their theater courses,” said Darcey Engen, Augsburg College associate professor and chair of Theater Arts.

“We find that the combination of the department’s rigorous curriculum, exposure to outstanding professionals in the field, and mentorship with theater faculty prepare our students to graduate as complex, deeply committed artists who can apply their insights and skills to any occupation.”

In the article “On the Boards & Chalkboards” —released October 25, 2012—Backstage recommended an Augsburg education for “enterprising, driven students looking to climb the [professional] ladder in double time.”

The article described the three academic concentrations the College offers theater majors, highlighted Augsburg’s course offerings, and emphasized the theater program’s proximity to the renowned, Minneapolis-based Guthrie Theater.

“Augsburg gives students the chance to listen to arts professionals ranging from stage managers to casting directors” who speak at the College’s Theatre Artist Series, according to the article. Augsburg students also have the chance to intern at the Guthrie Theater, and “most of the Guthrie’s casting is done locally, so students already have a leg up.”

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Making Connections: Theater Department Alumni

Augsburg Now Summer 2010From the Summer 2010 issue of the Augsburg Now magazine

In theatre, as in life, finding success is often about who you know. But knowing the right people isn’t enough. In order to build the foundation for a thriving career in theatre, students need to form and maintain connections with the people and the places that make up the “theatre scene.”

Featuring Tessa Flynn ’05, Katie Koch ’01/’05, Lee Fisher ’06, Michael Kelley ’05, and Justin Hooper ’07, Carla Steen ’91, and Jenni Lilledahl ’87.

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Loven and “Lewis” come home

kyleloven_rightnavKyle Loven ’06 has called a few places “home.” He moved from the charming town of Wilmar, Minn. to Minneapolis to study theater and art history at Augsburg. After college, he spent some time in Europe before settling in Seattle, Wash. And recently he found his way back to Twin Cities home where he performed my dear Lewis, his one-man show about memories.

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