FAQ: Faculty and Staff

This page provides information about questions faculty and staff may have about the name change and its impact on the departments in which they work. Updates to this page will be made as new questions are identified and new information becomes available.

If you have a question that is not answered from these information pages, please submit your question via the “Submit A Question” button on the right.

New name doesn’t alter our core liberal arts mission

While becoming a university reflects the reality, reputation, and promise of our institution, we are dedicated to our core liberal arts mission. Augsburg will continue to educate its diverse community of learners for lives of meaningful work shaped by unique undergraduate and graduate academics, and through hands-on and transformative learning experiences. Augsburg also remains committed to its identity as an urban university set in one of Minneapolis’ most diverse ZIP codes and as a school of the Lutheran church.

Augsburg remains committed to small class sizes

Augsburg, since at least 2000, has been recognized by the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching as a master’s level institution based upon the nine master’s programs we offer.

Augsburg has been and will remain committed to its goals of being small to the student and big for the world. That means Augsburg will continue to place great value on excellent instruction and will retain small class sizes where students and faculty develop important relationships that are proven to support retention and persistence to graduation.

Our low student-to-faculty ratio is an important part of our identity and a key factor to student success, retention, and persistence.

Separate initiative will explore University organizational structure

Augsburg has separated the transition to a university into two separate initiatives. The first is the implmentation of the name change. The second is the consideration of a university organizational structure. Relative to the organizational structure, Augsburg faculty are working to define a structure that supports our mission and our vision of being a new kind of urban, student-centered university that is small to our students and big for the world. The move to a new organizational structure will be driven by the faculty and does not need to follow the same timeline as the rollout of the name change.

Don’t do anything … yet … about letterhead, business cards, or name tags

Staff of the Conferences and Event department are partnering with Central Services to better understand the amount of letterhead currently in stock across campus and in departments. This inventory process is helpful in identifying recycling or alternative use programs for outdated letterhead.

As part of this work, staff will contact departments individually. For now, sit tight on letterhead, business cards, and name tags. As soon as we are ready to move forward, departments will be contacted.

Many name change costs to be covered by annual operating expenses and capital budget

Items that would have been produced in the course of a given year (e.g., the printing of recruitment pieces for Admissions) will be covered by the cost center that normally budgeted for them. The capital budget will be used to cover long-term items that are required to be updated but that no department would typically have budgeted. If there are items that do not necessarily require updating in the near term but that a department opts to update, those costs would need to be covered by the department’s budget.

‘Name Change Swap Window’ is May 1 to September 5

Members of the planning team are gathering information in a campus-wide inventory database that will be used to develop and prioritize a name-change transition plan. The team will work with appropriate personnel to transition items that are not specific to a particular department — things such as campus signage, banners, and vinyl wall graphics, to name a few examples. Some of these items will begin to transition as early as March or April, with the majority of changes happening during a designated “Name Change Swap Window” of May 1 to September 5.

Department-specific items — such as forms or documents that your department uses for record-keeping or business purposes, photos or graphics inside your department offices — will be your responsibility to update. That said, the planning team would like to include those items in the inventory, as well, and build those items into the transition plan and budget. The planning team will work directly with your department to develop an appropriate timeline, get you the necessary graphic files when they are available, and assist with new designs, as necessary.

If you have items that need to be added to the database for consideration, please submit them using our Name Change Information Gathering Form available in the All Hands area of Inside Augsburg. A member of the planning team will connect with you if there are questions.

Begin using ‘Augsburg University’ September 5

Although the name “Augsburg University” will be our official name on September 1, 2017, we are asking that the community wait until September 5, 2017, to begin using the name. This date is when we will hold the Opening Convocation and City Service Day.  

Social media transition training being planned for summer

Staff of the News and Media Services department are developing information and will hold training sessions during the summer to help departments transition official social media accounts to the new name. The trainings will be working meetings where faculty and staff will learn:

  • How to update Augsburg department and personal social media.
  • Best practices on profile and header photos.
  • How to partner with IT to ensure accounts are protected.

Watch A-mail for schedule information about these sessions.

Tools for communicating with campus partners

The Marketing and Communication team is developing some sample and template communications that departments can use as guides for sharing information about the name change with partners. Those communications will be available a bit later this spring. When they are prepared, notice will be posted in A-mail.