Si Melby Gymnasium Floor Complete

Things are getting real, real fast and the Augsburg University name change is well underway. Large-scale physical installations and changes continue to appear. Perhaps the most exciting change in recent days is the completion of the Si Melby Gymnasium floor.

The Si Melby Gymnasium floor includes the new University spirit mark, the words “Augsburg University,” and the Minneapolis skyline.

As you know, all the work that has taken place, that is underway, and that is yet to be undertaken is being done according to a work plan meant to prioritize and guide this exciting and important work.

Recent work includes:

  • Si Melby Gymnasium: The gymnasium floor is finished. If you haven’t been to the gym, stop waiting and scoot on over there! The floor features our new name and updated spirit mark. Thanks to thoughtful and intentional design that supports our key messaging, the floor also showcases the Minneapolis skyline. It’s a way to underscore our urban location and our pride in being part of the City of Minneapolis. Be sure to climb the risers so you can enjoy the full impact of the new design!

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