Si Melby Gymnasium Floor Complete

Things are getting real, real fast and the Augsburg University name change is well underway. Large-scale physical installations and changes continue to appear. Perhaps the most exciting change in recent days is the completion of the Si Melby Gymnasium floor.

The Si Melby Gymnasium floor includes the new University spirit mark, the words “Augsburg University,” and the Minneapolis skyline.

As you know, all the work that has taken place, that is underway, and that is yet to be undertaken is being done according to a work plan meant to prioritize and guide this exciting and important work.

Recent work includes:

  • Si Melby Gymnasium: The gymnasium floor is finished. If you haven’t been to the gym, stop waiting and scoot on over there! The floor features our new name and updated spirit mark. Thanks to thoughtful and intentional design that supports our key messaging, the floor also showcases the Minneapolis skyline. It’s a way to underscore our urban location and our pride in being part of the City of Minneapolis. Be sure to climb the risers so you can enjoy the full impact of the new design!

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‘Augsburg University’ starting to show up around campus

The newest vehicle for the Department of Public Safety sports the name “Augsburg University.”

Things are changing around campus, Auggies. You already know that last March, members of Augsburg Corporation approved a resolution to change our name from “Augsburg College” to “Augsburg University.” But, just in case you missed it, you can read about that on the News and Media blog.

Lots has been going on since that resolution passed … meetings to discuss how the name change would be carried out, discussions about the order in which Augsburg would prioritize where and how the name would be changed, and more.

Now we are at the point where our new name will start to pop up around campus and in accordance with the name-change rollout plan and timeline. The rollout plan was created to guide work during the name-change swap window, to categorize the types of places our name must be changed, and to prioritize the order in which we would swap our name across thousands of physical and virtual locations. 

Remember, the official launch of Augsburg University will be September 1. Then, on September 5, the first day of classes, we will celebrate becoming Augsburg University.

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University Name Change: Next Steps for Augsburg Community

Effective September 1, 2017, Augsburg will become known as “Augsburg University.” This historic name change was adopted last spring when the Augsburg Corporation, our governing body of representatives of four synods of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of America, adopted a resolution to change our name.

For our community, this change is exciting because it reflects our reality, reputation, and our promise. But, as with any change, this one brings with it a range of work that has been underway for the past 18 months and is at the point where it requires all members of our community to pitch in as we work to update legal documents, public-facing information, and on-campus references to our name.

What follows is information meant to help our community—faculty and academic departments, staff and administrative departments—better understand what role each of us must play to ensure that our new name is implemented and adopted by September 5 when classes resume for the fall term.

Faculty and Academic Departments, Staff and Administrative Departments

Key Dates: Staff from MarComm have been working during the past 18 months to prepare for the Augsburg name change approved by the Board of Regents and Augsburg Corporation. The Project Implementation timeline, which provides an overview of key task areas and work underway, is available in the Timeline section of this site.

Physical Items

Beginning in mid- to late-May, the Augsburg community will see physical changes start to take place across campus. As of this writing, the Si Melby gymnasium floor is in the process of being refinished and should be complete by early June. We’ve also started the process of updating some of our other most visible, externally facing items—many of which require extensive permitting and involvement from local administrative agencies.

Over the course of the summer, the planning team will be working with the proper agencies to get the necessary approvals and permits with the goal of beginning the installation of the updated monument signs by early June. The update to the top of Mortensen will likely begin mid-summer (provided that permitting proceeds as planned). We will post updates on these projects as they become available.

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