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Middle School Campers


The Format of the MDAW Encourages Skills Building.

MDAW offers:

  • One, two, and three-week instructional courses in policy debate for high school students
  • One week day-camp specifically for middle schoolers
  • One week day-camp for high school students that is social justice/advocacy focused

We work with area educators to provide a comprehensive curriculum that readies students evidence and skill-wise for the debate season.

MDAW Students Get TONS of Practice.

We do a practice debate every evening and drills every afternoon – each week of attendance involves at least 8 full-length debates. More importantly, staff facilitate re-dos, provide feedback, and make sure that each debate helps the student learn how to be better the next time. We also do a full-length tournament at the end of both two- and three- weeks, so students can get the feel of the tournament experience.

MDAW Faculty Work Hard.

We have incredibly experienced, talented folks who work with students on a day-to-day basis. We make sure that students are exposed to a variety of styles while ensuring they can focus on work they’ll use throughout the year. We try to attract the best talent to the camp in order to make sure that students will be prepared to have a successful season with a community that’s helping to make MN debate better overall.

MDAW is a great bargain.

The workshop operates on a not-for-profit basis. Tuition and room/board expenses are pegged to cost of running the workshop and providing fair salaries for staff. Scholarships are available, so don’t hesitate to contact us even though financial constraints may be a problem. We run the institute out of a desire to increase local opportunities for excellent debate instruction, not to make money, and will do our best to make sure no student is prevented from attending out of economic circumstances.