Pre-Health Opportunities

When you are preparing for a career in the health sciences, what you do outside of class matters. Experiences like volunteering at a local clinic, serving as a CNA, or working as a medical scribe offer opportunities to identify your interests and talents, as well as the chance to observe the various roles within a medical team.  Spending significant time in a clinical or hospital setting will not only deepen your understanding of the career you are interested in, but will also help you identify and gain the skills that are needed to succeed.  Finally, opportunities like these provide excellent material for discussion in your professional school applications,  diversify your resume, and create connections with working professionals.

Check out our list of health-related opportunities for

  • volunteering
  • educational programs, research, and internships
  • work
  • study abroad
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If you are interested in medical school in particular, the Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC) has an excellent site designed to help students gain medical experience:


Gap Year(s)

Many students are now choosing to take a year (or more) off between their undergraduate studies and professional school.  There are many worthwhile ways to spend this time including working in the health field, gaining lab experience, traveling or studying abroad, and working in community service.  Below you will find a number of opportunities that may help you gain skills and encourage personal growth during your time between programs.

NIH Postbaccalaureate Intramural Research Training Award

Over Seas Gap Year


Teach for America

City Year

Lutheran Volunteer Corps

Apply for National Fellowships and Scholarships through URGO – Teach, study or research abroad, all while adding an impressive award to your resume.