Why Augsburg?

There are many reasons to study YFM at Augsburg College, but here are a few that we think are most important.

The Major

While other schools might offer certificates or concentrations in ministry, at Augsburg College you can actually major in Youth and Family. Plus, we have two full-time tenure track faculty members devoted to this program.

The Location

Augsburg’s location in the heart of Minnesota’s Twin Cities gives us easy access to every type of church you could imagine – mega-churches, house churches, cathedral churches, traditional churches, alternative churches, urban churches, suburban churches, rural churches, liberal churches, conservative churches, etc. This makes our location the perfect location in which to study the church. Augsburg’s neighborhood, Cedar-Riverside, is pretty exciting too! Read more about our Cedar-Riverside neighborhood.

Service Learning

Augsburg College has been recognized for its emphasis on service learning. This is an approach to education that sees the neighborhood and the city as an extension of the classroom. You won’t just learn from books or lectures in a classroom, you will also learn by doing out in the community. This method of service learning won’t just be the way YOU learn, it will also serve as a way for you to learn how to use service learning with youth. Read more about Service Learning at Augsburg College.


At Augsburg we believe God calls each of us to serve our neighbors in unique and important ways. This is the meaning of vocation, or call. We believe you have a call – right now. At this moment you are in the process of living out God’s call for your life. Your Augsburg experience will help this vocation emerge and will help you find new ways to live it out. Vocation also happens to be one of the most crucial tasks for youth ministers – helping young people understand and live out their unique call from God. We can help with this! Read more about Vocation at Augsburg College.


Augsburg’s student body is incredibly diverse – we look different, we learn differently, we believe in different things, etc. This diverse community makes for a very exciting place to learn and to have your faith formed. You will be in religion classes with students from many other religious traditions and with some who are not religious at all. This only serves to strengthen your own understanding of your faith and how to communicate it with others. There is no better way to be trained for ministry in today’s world. Read more about Diversity at Augsburg College.