Why ministry?

How do I know if this is right for me?

Augsburg’s YFM program does not only train you for ministry with children, youth and families in the church. It will also equip you for ministry with young people in any setting – camps, recreation centers, schools, youth programs, etc. If you sense a call to be an advocate for young people and if you want your faith to be an integral part of your work with young people, then you should consider entering our YFM program. You might also want to browse our Student and Alumni Testimonials. Their stories might help you gain some clarity.

What can I do with it when I graduate?

Our students achieve their goals upon graduation, whether its entering seminary, divinity school, a volunteer corp, running an after-school youth program or getting a full-time job as a children, youth and family minister. This degree prepares you for all of these things. You will also receive support from your professors and others in discerning your call, creating a resume, and applying for jobs or graduate school.

Will I be able to make a living?

The average salary for a youth minister right now is about $36,000 with the average starting salary being somewhat lower than that according to simplyhired.com.

Can I do this for my entire career or do I need something to “fall back on”?

Youth ministry has gotten a bad reputation for being a career with high turnover, but this is actually a myth. Many youth ministers stay in full-time professional ministry for their entire careers. Some eventually go back to seminary to earn a Masters degree, some eventually become pastors, while many continue working specifically in ministry with children, youth and families. There is no reason why this could not be a life-long career.