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Executive Committee

Co-Chairs:  Darcey Engen ‘88 & Jeff Swenson ‘79
Programming & Content Manager:  Katie (Koch) Code ‘01, Director of Alumni & Constituent Relations

Event & Management, Sarah Cash-Darvell, Director of University Events

Additional members of the Steering Committee

Kristin Anderson, Professor of Art History & Archivist
Michael Grewe, Campus Life
Stephen Jendraszak, Assistant Vice President for Marketing & Communications
Heather Riddle, Vice President for Advancement
Gita Sitaramiah, Marketing & Communications

Programming Committees

Arts & Identity Committee

Led by Amy Alkire, the Art & Identity Committee will be engaged in commissioning the signature sesquicentennial art piece. Details will come as they become available.

Art & History Committee

Kristin Anderson
Darcey Engen
Mary Hollerich
Chris Houltberg
Gita Sitaramiah
Stewart Van Cleve

Communications Committee

Briana Alamilla-Benitez
Kaia Chambers
Stephen Jendraszak
Gita Sitaramiah
Denielle Stepka

Events Committee

Sarah Cash Darvell
Katie Code
Jami Kadolph
Jeff Swenson

Faculty-Led Projects

Jill Dawe
Darcey Engen
Doug Green
Nate Hallanger
Alan Tuchtenhagen
John Zobitz

Gala Committee

Sarah Cash Darvell
Katie Code
Darcey Engen
Sarah Erkkinen
Gita Sitaramiah
Denielle Stepka
Jeff Swenson

Student Engagement

Ron Blankenship
Colleen Enrico
Michael Grewe
Nancy Huynh
Jami Kadolph
Rachel Svanoe
Students, as assigned