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Degree Progress FAQ

Understanding the different components and requirements of completing a degree can be confusing at times, but with the new online Degree Progress section of AugNet’s Records and Registration, it just got easier. Simply log into your AugNet account, and click on “Records & Registration.” From there, you’ll see a “Degree Progress” link in the blue menu. There are answers for some questions that students may have below. And, as always, if you need help you can stop by Academic Advising in the Gage Center for Student Success on the second floor of the Lindell Library, email or call 612.330.1025.

Q: My Graduation Audit does not seem to be up-to-date and is not reflecting a current course for which I am registered. What’s the deal?

A: The Graduation Audits are a static document and are run at the beginning of every term. Please check the “Last Updated” date on your checklist to see when it was run. A new checklist will be run at the beginning of the next term.

Q: Why don’t I have a Graduation Audit checklist?

A: The Graduation Audit checklists are run for students starting at Augsburg Fall 2006 or later. If you started at the University prior to Fall 2006, you may have some course work or transfer work that is not recognized by the Graduation Audit checklist program. Please contact your Faculty Advisor or Academic Advising to check your progress toward your degree.

Q: I took a course at another school, but I don’t see it anywhere. What do I do?

A: Some courses don’t meet Core Curriculum or major requirements; instead, they may count as elective credit toward graduation. For a complete listing of all college credit we have on record for you, go to the “Transcript” link in AugNet’s Records & Registration. If the course was transferred in anytime after November 2005, there should also be a Transfer Credit Evaluation that lists each individual course transferred in to Augsburg University. If you don’t see the course listed on your transcript or have a Transfer Credit Evaluation, you may have forgotten to send an official transcript for the course. Students who have taken college credit through another institution need to make sure they contact the institution which granted the credit, and have an official transcript sent to the Registrar’s Office at Augsburg. Until we receive an official transcript, we will not be able to evaluate the courses and grant credit. Remember, in order for us to grant credit for a course, it must be a “C” or “2.0” or better, be from a regionally accredited institution, and be academically similar to a course that could be offered at Augsburg.

Q: Why don’t I have a Transfer Credit Evaluation?

A: The Transfer Credit Evaluation will reflect courses that were transferred to Augsburg in November 2005 or later. If you transferred courses to the University prior to November 2005, a report will not be generated. If you took the course after this time, it’s possible that you didn’t send an official transcript for the course. To see if we’ve received it, check the “Transcript” link to see if the transfer courses are listed there. If they are not, please contact the institution granting the credit and have an official transcript sent to Augsburg.

Q: I transferred in a course that I think should meet a Core Curriculum requirement, but it wasn’t approved to do this. Is there any way to have it reconsidered?

A: If you have questions about your official transfer evaluation, please contact the Registrar’s Office at or (612) 330-1036.

Q: What are the basic graduation requirements?

A: Well, in the simplest terms, students graduate when they successfully meet the requirements for a major and the Core Curriculum; earn 128 semester credits; and maintain a 2.0 cumulative GPA overall, and in any majors and minors. It is not required that students complete a minor. Also, some majors have more strenuous GPA requirements, which will be outlined in your college catalog.

Q: How do I know when I’ve graduated?

A: Every student should follow the Graduation Checklist and complete an Intent to Graduate form with his or her faculty advisor and return it to the Enrollment Center. The student will then receive a final audit of his or her requirements. Once the conditions outlined in this final audit are met, the student will receive his or her degree.