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Academic Feedback System

It is important for students to receive academic feedback from instructors about their performance. The academic feedback system is designed to identify students who may be academically struggling and need additional support. However, all students benefit from feedback, both positive and constructive.

We encourage consistent feedback and recommend submitting 4th, 8th, and 12th week updates.  However, you can submit academic feedback at any time (except during mandatory non-attendance/non-participation reporting). You submit academic feedback via AugNet Service’s Records & Registration class lists.

Academic feedback includes the student’s academic progress, attendance issues, and recommendations for improved classroom performance. Click here for more information about the Non-Attendance/Non-Participation process.

Your feedback informs academic staff of a student’s needs and performance so they can appropriately advise and support the student. Click here for an academic feedback timeline.

What Happens Once a Student Receives the Academic Feedback?

  1. Student will receive the academic feedback via email. If you selected “Copy this feedback to the student’s faculty and academic advisors”, – the student’s advisors will receive a copy as well.
  2. The academic advisors may or may not follow up with the student regarding the feedback. The academic advisor will follow up with the student if there is a pattern of issues in the feedback. If the academic advisor feels like the feedback provides the student with enough information, the advisor will not reach out.
  3. This feedback system is different from the Safety/Wellness Alert. Please click here for more information about this process.
  4. Academic advisors will work to update the instructor if there is any outcome from following up on the feedback. However, an advisor may not have reached out or may not have heard from the student. An instructor should follow up with the student’s advisor(s) if they have any questions – their names are listed under each student in the class list.

Examples of Academic Feedback

Example 1

Hi Ima – I am concerned about your current performance in XXX 101. Your current averages are: Homework 76% Quizzes: 58% Exam 1: 50% Exam 2: 61% Overall: 59%. You will need to average 61% on all your remaining assignments, quizzes and exams in order to be in the C- range.

Recommendations: Please come to my office hours on Tuesday or Thursday at 12:00 to discuss how you can study more effectively. Don’t forget to attend Drop-In tutoring on Wednesday evenings at 6:00 pm.

Example 2


Current Grade: C (consult Moodle gradebook for more detail)

Issues: Attendance – you have missed 6 class sessions. Papers – your scores on your two papers have brought down your grade. Participation – when you contribute to class, you bring forward great points, please continue to join the conversation.

Recommendations: Be at every class session moving forward. Utilize the writing lab (consult the syllabus for more information about this resource).

Example 3

Ima – you are doing really well in XXX 111. Your current grade is A- (90%). Please continue working hard, coming to my office hours, and speaking up in class.


Please go to the Center for Teaching and Learning website for “Providing Wise Feedback for Students”.

Who Has Access to the Feedback?

In addition to the student’s advisors, other staff (including the Dean’s Office, Athletics, Multicultural Student Services, International Student Services, Step-Up, and the CLASS office) have access to the feedback.

Where to Go for Support

There are several resources on campus that students should use to address any academic concerns. Instructors can refer students straight to the resources or ask the student to discuss resources with their assigned academic advisor.

Center for Wellness & Counseling

Academic Advising & TRiO Student Support Services

CLASS (Center for Learning and Accessible Student Services)

LGBTQIA+ Student Services


Multicultural Student Services

Speaking Lab

Women’s Resource Center

Writing Center