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Advisory Grades

The advisory grade pilot responds to persistent student feedback that they want greater clarity about classroom performance.

All undergraduate instructors are required to submit advisory grades around Week 6 & 7 in the term, via Records & Registration’s Class Roster.

Advisory grades are different from the Safety/Wellness Alert.

If you have feedback for a student outside of the advisory grades period, email the student and consider copying their faculty mentor and academic advisor – information located on class roster.



  • Navigate to the Class Roster in Records & Registration’s “My Classes”.
  • Click “Prepare Advisory Grades” next to the student.
  • Select a grade, outlook and up to 3 recommendations and click “Save feedback”. This will not send the advisory grade to the student yet.
  • The “Other Recommendations” text box is optional, see tips below.
  • After completing the above step for each student, click on “Send feedback emails to students”.
  • You must complete this process within the advisory grade window.


“Other Recommendations” Tips

You have 1000 characters in the open text box while submitting your advisory grades. 


  • Do not recommend the student drop or withdraw from the class because there are financial and academic consequences to these decisions. Refer students to their academic advisor.
  • Write these recommendations to the student, not a different audience.
  • Do not make assumptions about the student’s background or experiences. 


Where to Go for Support

There are several resources on campus that students should use to address any academic concerns. Instructors can refer students straight to the resources or ask the student to discuss resources with their assigned academic advisor.

Student Services Index


Who Has Access to the Advisory Grades?

The student will receive an email when you click “send feedback emails to students.” Additionally, students can see the information in Records & Registration for their current term’s courses. In addition to the student’s academic advisor & faculty mentor, other staff (including the Dean’s Office, Athletics, Multicultural Student Services, International Student Services, Step-Up, and the CLASS office) have access to the feedback.

Faculty Mentors will not be copied onto each advisory grade to eliminate hundreds of emails in their inbox. You can request a report of your mentees’ advisory grades by emailing