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Safety/Wellness Alert

An instructor should submit a safety/wellness alert if a student has been missing from class, has not communicated with an instructor for over a week, or is displaying concerning behavior. This is not a place where an instructor submits information about a student struggling academically, instructors should use academic feedback tool instead.

What Happens Once a Student Receives the Safety/Wellness Alert

  1. Student will receive the safety/wellness alert via email.The student’s academic advisor and faculty advisor are copied onto the alert.
  2. The academic advisor will follow up with the student – and pull in others connected with the student (CLASS, Academic Skills, Step-Up, Athletics, Residential Life, faculty advisor).
  3. Academic advisors will work to update the instructor if there is any outcome from discussion with the student. An instructor should follow up with the student’s advisor(s) if they have any questions – their names are listed under each student in the class list.
  4. If the academic advisor does not hear from the student, they will send on the concern to the Dean of Students.

Examples of Safety/Wellness Alert

Example 1

Ima, I have not seen you in class in a week and have not received any communication. Is everything okay? Please reply to this message to update me on your situation. It will be important for you and I to connect to discuss how you can get back on track in the course.

Example 2


You and I have discussed in person and via email about sleeping in class but things have not changed. You may consider consulting the Center for Wellness and Counseling for ideas on how to be alert in the classroom and manage your health. Here is a link to their website:

Who Has Access to the Alert?

In addition to the student’s advisors, other staff (including the Dean’s Office, Athletics, Multicultural Student Services, International Student Services, Step-Up, and the CLASS office) have access to the feedback.

Where to Go for Support

There are several resources on campus that students should use to address any concerns. Instructors can refer students straight to the resources or ask the student to discuss resources with their assigned academic advisor.

Center for Wellness & Counseling

Academic Advising & TRiO Student Support Services

CLASS (Center for Learning and Accessible Student Services)

LGBTQIA+ Student Services


Multicultural Student Services

Speaking Lab

Women’s Resource Center

Writing Center