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Major Declaration

Declaring a Major

All students are required to declare a major and select a faculty advisor by the end of their sophomore year, when they have completed 48 or more semester credits.  To do so, students must change their major on AugNet Service’s Records and Registration under “Student Info”. You must have a faculty advisor in your major(s). Once you have changed your major, you need to turn in a Change of Advisor form or email with your new faculty advisor copied onto the message.

All Day students are required to meet with their faculty advisor prior to registration, and all students are encouraged to meet with their advisors as often as necessary.  If you are unsure on who to select for your faculty advisor, we encourage that you speak with the Chair of the department for your intended major so that you can be properly match with a faculty advisor in that department.

Need help picking a major?

If you are having trouble deciding on a major, please contact Strommen Career and Internship Center.

The counselors in the Strommen Career and Internship Center help students:

  • Assess Your Interests & Skills
  • Link Academic Majors with Career Interests
  • Get “Hands-on” Community-Service and Internship Experience
  • Prepare for the Job Search and Graduate School
  • Make a Difference in Your Community and the World