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Writing Placement

The Writing Placement consists of a 500- to 700-word essay in which students write about one of four topics provided. Test results indicate which entry-level writing course the student should take. Preparation for the exam is not necessary, but students should make sure they proofread their work before turning it in to the proctor. Transfer students may be exempt from this placement test – see your Transfer Credit Evaluation.

Writing Placement Levels

  • Developmental Writing Level – You will need to take ENL 101: Developmental Writing before you may take ENL 111: Effective Writing.
  • Effective Writing Level – You are ready to take ENL 111: Effective Writing, which is required for graduation.
  • Advanced Effective Writing Level – You may take the ENL 112: Advanced Effective Writing or ENL 111.

Note: Students in the Honors Program may take HON 111: Honors Effective Writing to meet the Effective Writing requirement.

Students with disabilities may request accommodations for placement tests through the Augsburg CLASS/Disability Resources office. To request accommodations, call 612-330-1053 or email