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Transfer DAY Registration

Incoming transfer students in the Day Undergraduate program will meet with academic advisors to register for their first-term classes. Once a new student has completed the admissions process and received a completed transfer credit evaluation, call 612.330.1025 to schedule.

Students may also wish to schedule an appointment with Student Financial Services on the same day by calling 612-330-1046.

Advising and Registration

An academic advisor will explain Augsburg’s academic curriculum and requirements and discuss how the student’s prior academic work applies to the Augsburg degree. In addition, the student and the advisor will discuss academic plans and career goals, and work together to select and register for appropriate courses for the first semester at Augsburg.

Placement Tests

Depending on prior coursework and transfer credits, new transfer students may be required to take short placement tests in math and writing. Students with experience in Spanish, French, and German may also opt to take a language placement test. Students with disabilities may request accommodations for placement tests by calling 612-330-1053.


Students who have not taken a college-level algebra, pre-calculus or calculus class with a grade of C or better within the past five (5) years will take a short math placement test. You may bring your own calculator, or one will be provided for you. Depending on your intended major and math history, you will take a math placement test that covers prealgebra, algebra, and/or precalculus. This short multiple-choice placement test will result in a student’s Math Placement Group (MPG) and help determine appropriate courses  for the first semester at Augsburg. For more information, including a practice math test, see the Mathematics Placement information


Students who have transferred in a college writing class with a grade of C- or better will not need to take a writing placement test.

Students who have not taken a college writing course will register for ENL 101 Developmental Writing or can complete a short writing placement test to attempt to test out of developmental writing. This test can be completed at home before you come to campus to register.


Students who have 2 or more years of language study or an extensive background in French, German, or Spanish may take an optional placement test completed in Academic Advising. This online test usually takes about 15 minutes. The results can be used to waive one or both semesters of the Modern Language requirement.

Language testing is also available in many other world languages, such as Somali or Hmong. Talk with your academic advisor about these options, which can be taken for college credit.

Transfer SOAR

Transfer SOAR is a required 1/2 day orientation experience for all incoming transfer students. Students will learn about college resources and services; have a chance to ask questions; meet fellow students, faculty, and staff; and discover why being a part of the Augsburg community is so rewarding.

Transfer SOAR is normally held the Friday before the start of a new semester. Go to the Transfer SOAR website for more information.


If you have any questions or concerns about transfer student registration, please contact us at or 612-330-1025.