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Fall 2023 Augsburg Seminars

First-year students take a 1.0 credit seminar experience (AugSem) paired with an academic course. The AugSem is designed to help you connect with a learning community and transition to Augsburg. Student’s fall schedule will include one of the classes below, the attached 1.0 credit AugSem, and 2-4 other classes selected at SOAR.

General Education AugSems

These AugSems are appropriate for students exploring any major because they fulfill a general education requirement.

(FULL) ART107: Drawing 

This course is an introduction to the basic fundamentals of drawing. We will explore a variety of materials and techniques such as: pencil, charcoal, ink, collage, contour line, value, perspective and measurement. While drawing is primarily from observation, we will also dive into abstraction. This is a great course for art majors, minors or anyone interested in drawing. No art experience required! Fulfills requirements for: Fine Arts, Studio Art major, Graphic Design major, Art History major, & Art Teacher Licensure 

ART109: Pixels and Vectors

This course aims to introduce students to graphic design tools and develop their ideas through effective image searches and manipulation using appropriate tools and effects. The course will cover Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign, and Adobe After Effects through three main projects. Fulfills requirements for: Fine Arts, Studio Art major, Graphic Design major

CCS295 Topics: Identity, Belonging and Place – and – SOC111: City Life: Introduction to Urban Sociology–(Im)migration & Transnationality

This local immersion called “Global Twin Cities Scholars” was designed especially for first-year students who are eager to belong to an active learning community. The immersion will examine immigration and the diverse cultures within the Twin Cities. We will explore the ways people shape, transform and adapt spaces, identities, and communities when they migrate. We will focus on the most recent movement between Mexico and MN. Class sessions will be held both in-person and live on Zoom. Students who participate in this program will register for both CCS295 and SOC111. Fulfills requirements for: Social and Behavioral Science (SOC111).

CCS100: Line in the Sand: History, Politics, and Pop Culture in US-Mexico Relations 

Why is the Mexico-US relationship so complicated? We’re friendly neighbors, right? Come explore for yourself the deeply connected past and intertwined future of these two countries through geography, diplomacy, language, immigration, drug-trafficking, and their representation through pop-culture (music, movies, and more!). I invite you to question everything you think you might know about Mexico and its relationship with the US and to smash stereotypes of our profoundly misunderstood neighbor. Fulfills requirements for: Humanities, Cross-Cultural Studies major, Spanish major

(FULL) COM111: Public Speaking

The course focuses on speech preparation, organization, audience analysis, style, listening, and overcoming speech fright. Fulfills requirements for: Humanities, STEM & Business majors, Communication Studies major elective

COM254: Interpersonal Communication

Our lives are full of relationships, but we don’t often put our full attention on how we can build better interpersonal connections. This class will explore questions such as: What is the role of self and other? What does a healthy relationship look like? How do we have more productive conflict? How do we maintain relationships? How do we end relationships? This is a required course for all communication studies majors, but would be appropriate for any students interested in understanding how to foster more fulfilling friend, family, workplace, and romantic relationships. Fulfills requirements for: Humanities, Communication Studies major elective

DST234 Introduction to Data Science (and R) OR MAT145+Lab: Calculus I 

Like to work with numbers? Exploring careers related to mathematics or data science? Curious about infinity? Calculus is one of the greatest human intellectual achievements of all time; arguably Data Science will be as well! These courses focus on understanding our world through understanding rates of change, management and visualization of complex datasets, along with many other interesting applications to areas such as Biology, Chemistry, Climate/Environmental Science, Computer Science, Economics, Engineering, Finance, Medicine, and Physics. Try MAT145+Lab out if you have taken pre-calculus, calculus, or AP Calculus. Try DST234 if you have taken algebra. Both courses fulfill requirements for: Natural Science & Math, Business major, Computer Science major, Data Science major, Mathematics major

FLM180: Film Sight & Sound

Film is the art of visual storytelling. In this beginning film class, students will learn about the roots, history, and vocabulary of this art form. Students also
will break down scenes shot-by-shot so they can apply that knowledge to their own work as they learn the basics of filmmaking. Fulfills requirements for: Fine Arts, Film major

(FULL) ENL111: Effective Writing II

What is “good writing” and what does it mean to be a “good writer”? Why and how does society lift up some voices while silencing others? How do your culture, race, gender identity, languages, and other pieces of your identity shape your writing voice? This class investigates how power and privilege shape our ideas about writing. In the process, you will learn to write confidently and effectively in your own voice by freewriting, giving and receiving feedback, and revising multiple drafts. Fulfills requirements for: General Education Core Skill

ENV100: Environmental Connections: Food Justice

Promote Environmental Sustainability. Live Critically in Community. Advocate for Social Change.

The Environmental Sustainability Living Learning Community fosters a supportive community of first-year students interested in exploring environmental sustainability issues and taking action as engaged citizens of the Augsburg community and the Earth. Utilizing a problem-based curricular approach, members of the community engage in ecojustice topics and initiatives inspired by their own interests and curiosities. The ESLLC promotes opportunities for students to learn about themselves through experiential activities, connect with community partners engaged in critical work, and be agents of change for environmental sustainability initiatives at Augsburg and in the surrounding Minneapolis neighborhoods of Cedar-Riverside, Seward, and Phillips. Fulfills requirements for: Social and Behavioral Science, Environmental Studies major

(FULL) RLN100: Vocation and Search for Meaning I

This course engages students in the search for meaning through the sacred texts of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam and their interpretations as found in diverse historical and contemporary communities. Students will explore the concept of vocation and consider their own religious, philosophical, and ethical commitments in dialogue with other perspectives. Students will conduct site visits to places of worship and community organizations, as well as converse with people of different faiths or humanistic worldviews to promote interfaith learning. Fulfills requirements for: General Education Core Skill, Religion major

(FULL) POL158: Introduction to Political Science

What do you most want to know about how the world works? In this course, we look closely at current events and examine basic patterns in political systems and social movements. We draw on the core concepts of political science and the comparative method to critique political claims and develop strategies to take action on the issues that affect our lives. Fulfills requirements for: Social and Behavioral Science, Political Science major, International Relations major

(FULL) PSY105 Principles of Psychology

Do you ever wonder why people are the way they are? Or how experiences and people shape our thoughts and actions? Psychology is the study of the human mind and
behavior. Fulfills requirements for: Social and Behavioral Science, Psychology major, Social Work major

SCI114+Lab: Exploring Science and Engineering

Interested in an exciting career in science or engineering? This AugSem will let you explore career options while having fun with science! Math Placement Group 2 or Math Placement Group 3 with advisor discussion. Fulfills requirements for: Natural Science and Mathematics (with lab)

(FULL) SOC121: Introduction to Sociology

How are our social behaviors and beliefs shaped by the media, our friends, and our families? What obstacles or aids are we likely to encounter on our life’s journey? Why does inequality persist and what can we do about it? Sociology is a fascinating social science that studies group behavior and can answer these questions and more. Fulfills requirements for: Social and Behavioral Science, Sociology major


Major Focused AugSems

These AugSems are appropriate students exploring particular majors.

BIO151+Lab: Introductory Biology – or – BIO152+Lab: Evolution, Ecology, and Diversity

The biological sciences are as multifaceted and dynamic as our lives, because Biology is the study of life itself. From the biochemistry of a single bacterium, to the physiology of the human brain, to the ecology of an entire forest, the study of the living world is vast in scope. The career opportunities unlocked by a biology major are equally broad. You could pursue a career in healthcare and biomedical sciences, industrial microbiology, natural resources management, conservation and ecology, plant biotechnology and crop sciences. A major in Biology can even be a solid foundation for a future career in business, communication, education or policy. Enrolling in either BIO151 or BIO152 is a great first step towards your academic and professional goals. Math Placement Group 3. Fulfills requirements for: Natural Science & Math Lab, Biology major, Pre-Healthcare interest

(FULL) CSC165+Lab: Introduction to Computer Programming (Python)

Have you wondered how computers can help save lives, entertain you, keep you organized, or recommend friends? Do you want to know what opportunities will open up for you with a degree in computer science or with programming skills? If so, join us in CSC165 for an introduction to programming, and an exploration of computer science and its applications. This is a required course for a Computer Science major or minor, and a Management Information Systems major. Students program extensively throughout the semester in Python, however no prior programming experience is necessary. Math Placement Group 3. Fulfills requirements for: Computer Science major, Data Science major, Mathematics major, Management Information Systems major

EDC 200 Critical Histories and Philosophies of Education

What are the goals of education in a democracy? What does it mean to become an impactful teacher in a multi-diverse society?  This class will support you in developing a critical consciousness of the complex pressures on schools that both enable and constrain inclusive and socially just schooling experiences. This is a required course for all Education majors, and appropriate for anyone interested in learning more about the complexities impacting American schools.  Includes a 20 hour field experience in a community school.  Fulfills requirements for: any Education major.

(FULL) HPE104: Components of Fitness Training 

Designed for students who plan to pursue health education, physical education, or exercise science, this course takes a performance-based approach for learning strength and cardiovascular training. Fulfills requirements for:  Physical Education and Exercise Science majors.

(FULL) MIS260: Problem Solving for Business

A hands-on course focused on the application of computer technology (spreadsheets, databases and data visualization) for students who want to explore a business major, including management information systems (MIS), accounting, finance, international business, management, marketing, or music business. Math Placement Group 3. Fulfills requirements for: Any Business major 

(FULL) MKT252: Principles of Marketing 

All of us are affected by marketing every day. Marketing is how we communicate and deliver something of value—like a product, service, or idea—to people, organizations, and society. This class is a requirement for all business majors, and students will have fun trying to figure out how marketing affects purchasing decisions. Fulfills requirements for:  Any Business major, Communications Studies major

**There are limited spots in the business AugSems, so the other students exploring the business majors will take a general education AugSem and register for other intro business courses at SOAR.**

MUS113: Music Theory and Aural Skills I 

This is the foundational course for all music majors and music minors in which we explore the basic structures of modern pop, rock, and jazz in a global context. As the starting point for a two-year sequence, students will learn about how and why music functions in the ways that we’re used to hearing and put their developing skills into practice through a composition-based approach to learning. Required for music majors and minors, open to all interested students with a background in music. Fulfills requirements for: Any Music major

PHY121+Lab: General Physics I or PHY107+Lab College Physics

This course is for students interested in careers in physical sciences and engineering. It will focus on some exciting application of physics concepts in everyday life as well as building some useful computational and engineering tools. Students who have participated in this AugSem paired course have graduated and gone on to start careers in companies like 3M, Honeywell, Medtronic or earn graduate degrees in physics, mechanical, electrical, automotive and biomedical engineering. Math Placement Group 4. Fulfills requirements for: Natural Science & Math Lab, Physics major, Pre-Engineering interest

(FULL) SWK100: Introduction to Professional Social Work 

What is the difference between helping a person and seeking social justice? A modern social welfare system provides individuals their most important human needs and fights for social justice for everyone in society. We’ll discuss how we choose a method and what we can do with our skills to advance the mission statement of Augsburg’s social work department “…to promote well-being of people in a diverse and global society.” Fulfills requirements for: Social Work major

THR232: Acting

An introduction to the art of acting; this is a good start for students with theater experience, interested in exploring a Theater major or minor, and/or a desire to participate in Theater Department productions. Students will develop themselves as curious and creative artists. It is designed to help the actor integrate their body, voice, and mind into the basic concepts of acting. Students will learn through scene study and collaborative exercises how to channel their instincts and talents. Fulfills requirements for: Fine Arts, Theater major, Film major