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Modern Language Testing

Students must complete a year of modern language study as part of the Core Curriculum but if a student demonstrates a language skill comparable beginning language I & II – the modern language requirement will be fulfilled.

The diversity of the Augsburg student population allows for a variety of possible modern language tests. Students take the appropriate language testing determined by their language background.

French, German or Spanish Placement Test.


Register for Spanish, French, or German Placement Test


  • These are the three modern languages we offer beyond beginning language I & II, therefore we have placement tests available.
  • You do not receive credits for this test, simply a placement.
  • If you place at Intermediate Language I or above, you are exempt from the modern language requirement.

Suggestions for preparing for the French, German or Spanish Placement Test


  • Set up a (free) account and practice for several days.
  • Give your several adequate time: ideally 45 minutes.


  • Be aware the test uses a progressive format, with questions that get harder as you go along. This is normal and don’t let it shake your confidence.


  • Sign up for the language course that corresponds to your score.
  • Retaking the test to get a better score is NOT allowed.

Language Testing International

Testing in languages other than English, French, German and Spanish.


Register for Language Test


  • Language testing for credit is available through the ACTFL placement test in over 90 languages, click here for a FAQ on this process.

Minnesota Bilingual and Multilingual Seals and World Languages Proficiency Credits

Augsburg will award college credit to students with the Minnesota bilingual and multilingual language proficiency certificates. These certificates are awarded to graduating Minnesota high school students who demonstrate the required level of language proficiency in a language other than English. Students are required to submit an official high school transcript showing both that the seal or certificate has been awarded, and the language and level it has been awarded for.

MN Department of Education World Languages Information
Seals and Augsburg Equivalencies


International Students

If you graduated from a high school abroad in which all instruction was in a language other than English (international schools with curricula in English do not count), your high school experience may demonstrate the proficiency necessary to exempt you from the Augsburg language requirement. To request an exemption through this option, you must provide a certified copy of your high school transcript, with an official translation into English, to the chair of the Languages Department.


Language Testing FAQ

Can I take an American Sign Language test for placement or credit?

The Language & Cross-Cultural Studies department offers an in-person department exam that will give you transcript credit for ASL 101 or 102. There is not a placement test for ASL. The fee is $100 per credit or $400 per course, which comes to $800 if you want transcript credit for both ASL 101 and 102. If your intention is simply to satisfy the Augsburg language requirement, you would need to take (and pass) only the test for 102 ($400). Please contact the Languages Department chair if you are interested in pursuing this option.

Can I take a Latin placement test?

Yes, please contact Michael Kidd if you are interested in pursuing this option.

Can I retake any of the placement tests?

Language: You are not allowed to retake the Spanish, French or German Placement Test. You can retake the Language Testing International test however it will cost you money because Augsburg pays for only the first test.