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Professors are available during posted office hours to support students. Check your course syllabus for your professor’s office hours.


Math and Computer Science Drop-In Tutoring

Questions regarding math or Computer Science tutoring – contact Professor Rich Flint.

Tutoring Hours

Prealgebra MAT103

Applied Algebra MAT 105 / MAT 106

Statistics MAT163 / MAT 164

Precalculus & Calculus I & II MAT114 / MAT 145 / MAT 146

Computer Science CSC 165 / CSC 170 / CSC 210


For writing assignments, visit the Writing Center.


For presentations and speeches, contact the Speaking Lab.


If your class does not fall under one of the subjects above, you may use an online tutoring service, available to our students 24/7. To access a tutor, log into the class Moodle site and TutorMe will be listed under Augsburg Tools.

Note: All students will have 3 hours/week available and sessions can last up to 60 minutes.

*Students – please remember that Augsburg’s Academic Honesty Policy applies when using services like TutorMe

TutorMe Update

We recently went through an update for TutorMe. If your TutorMe account is not working, follow the steps below.
  1. Log out of Moodle
  2. Clear your browser’s cache
  3. Quit the web browser entirely
  4. Start a fresh web browser, and sign into Moodle
  5. Access TutorMe through Moodle

Email  if it still isn’t working.


Any questions or concerns related to the usage of TutorMe can be sent to: