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American Indian Student Services

aissp_main1American Indian Student Services is a multifaceted office established in 1978 to recruit and retain American Indian students. It is a national model of success and continues to have one of the highest retention and graduation rates of Indian students in the state of Minnesota.

Today more than 200 Indian students have graduated from Augsburg, and each year approximately 80 students are enrolled both full and part time, undergraduate and graduate, representing over 20 tribal nations.


We believe when students have a greater understanding of self, they become empowered to reclaim* ownership of their education. Multicultural Life provides opportunities to deepen awareness and knowledge of identity, resilience, and advocacy.

*Due to white supremacist foundation that is rooted within higher education, education does not allow historically underserved students to take stake in their learning. 

We Offer Assistance With:

  • The admissions process
  • Financial aid procedures and completion of applications
  • Orientation and registration
  • Coursework selection
  • Individual education plans
  • Academic advising and career counseling
  • Community and professional referrals
  • Intervention/crisis counseling/advocacy

Our graduates are valued members of their communities. They maintain their contact with the AISS and are invaluable in our networking with current students.