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How to Apply

We are now accepting applications and nominations for Summer 2020. To be considered for AYTI, there are two steps: application and nomination. 


  • May 22nd, 2020


  • $130 per participant
  • As they are able, congregations are encouraged to pay part or all of this fee to support the youth.
  • Please contact us with any concerns about the registration fee.


  • Both forms require the completion of short answer questions. 
  • You may want to work on the short answer questions in a separate document and then copy and paste your answers into the form when you are ready.
  • Please note that these forms cannot be saved and submitted later, so please plan to finish your application or nomination in one sitting.
  • You may review the AYTI nomination and application short answer questions here.


  • May 22nd – Nomination form submitted
    • Pastors, youth leaders, and mentors nominate youth for summer AYTI
    • Follow up with young person and inform them they have been nominated
  • June 15th – Payment due
  • July 17th – Virtual celebration lunch and presentation
Nomination Form



  • May 22nd – Complete application
  • May 29th – Notified of acceptance
  • June 8th – Registration due
  • June 15th – Payment due
  • July 12-17th – AYTI 
  • July 17th – Virtual Celebration lunch and presentation
Application Form