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Bridge AD-RN to MAN


Eligible students must have a bachelor’s degree in another discipline AND RN license in order to pursue this pathway.

Application Process

Step 1: Apply to the BSN Program

Step 2: Complete Foundational Coursework

Step 3: In final semester of Foundational Coursework, apply to the MAN Program

Step 4: Admit to MAN and begin coursework


Foundational Coursework (12 credits)

NUR 300: Trends & Issues in Nursing

4 Semester Credits
A transitional course designed to investigate the current responsibilities of the professional nurse. Economic, social, political, and professional trends and issues are explored in relation to their implications for a changing practice.

NUR 410/411: Community Health I/II (taken together) 

8 Semester Credits (4 in Community Health I; 4 in Community Health II
Introduces the theory and methods that are essential to maintain or improve the health of culturally diverse individuals, families, groups, and communities. Provides clinical experience in community-based health care delivery systems. Students will apply nursing process, teaching/learning theory, and public health principles with culturally diverse clients.


MAN Program Coursework (33 credits)

See MAN website.