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International Business

Degree Requirements 2023-2024

The objective of the international business major is to prepare students for the increasingly competitive and interdependent international business world with which they must cope. It is absolutely necessary for American graduates to be fully informed about how to compete and do successful business outside the US as well as in the US market where much of their competition is from foreign firms.

Students will learn about business transactions between and within countries, exchange rates, the laws and logistics of international trade, and investments made in foreign markets. Knowledge of other cultures is crucial to being a successful international business person. Besides your studies in business, finance, banking, and the like, you will also learn about different cultures and societies. A major in international business will lead you to exciting careers in a global context.

International Business Major

Business Core Requirements

Required International Business Courses:

Four courses including:

  • BUS 465 – International Management
  • MKT 466 – International Marketing
  • One of ECO 360, ECO 370, or FIN 460
    • ECO 360 – International Economics
    • ECO 370 – International Economic Development
    • FIN 460 – International Finance
  • Complete three semesters of a foreign language
    • FRE 211 – Intermediate French I
    • GER 211 – Intermediate German I
    • SPA 211 – Intermediate Spanish I
    • Another language in transfer

Further explanation of the above:

Students must complete three semesters of a foreign language (or equivalent). This does not include American Sign Language. The language requirement may be waived for international students. Contact the International Business Coordinator for details on language equivalents or other configurations, including transfer equivalencies.

Graduation Skills

Graduation skills in Critical Thinking (CT), Quantitative Reasoning (QR), Speaking (S), and Writing (W) are embedded throughout the offered courses and are met by completing the international business major.

Transfer students must consult an advisor about potential adjustments to their course requirements to fulfill each of these skills.

Note: All business majors are encouraged to take KEY 490 Vocation and the Meaning of Success to fulfill the Augsburg Core Curriculum Senior Keystone requirement.

Minor in International Business

Six courses including:

  • One of ACC 221 or ACC 250
    • ACC 221 – Introduction to Financial Accounting
    • ACC250 – Accounting for Entrepreneurs
  • One of BUS 242 or MKT 252
    • BUS 242 – Principles of Management
    • MKT 252 – Principles of Marketing
  • One of ECO 112 or ECO 113
    • ECO 112 – Principles of Macroeconomics
    • ECO 113 – Principles of Microeconomics
  • Three courses in International Business (one may be in international economics). Options include:
    • BUS 362 – International Business
    • BUS 465 – International Management
    • ECO 360 – International Economics
    • ECO 370 – International Economic Development
    • FIN 460 – International Finance
    • MKT 466 – International Marketing

Students should consult the area coordinator concerning acceptable alternatives in international economics.

For a complete list of courses and descriptions, see the Course Description Search.