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Meet Fidelina, one of our 2017-2018 Augsburg Youth Theology Institute (AYTI) year-round ambassadors.


Fidelina Xinico Morales


Hi, my name is Fidelina Xinico. I am an international student from Guatemala. My major is International Business, and I am a Junior. At Augsburg, I try to have a variety of experiences. For example: In my first year, I attended two organizations ISO (International Students Organization) and ALAS (Augsburg Latin American Students). These organizations helped me to adapt myself to a new environment. In my second year, I participated in the Christensen Vocation Internship Program, which gave me the opportunity to not only be in a professional place but also to learn about myself. I like that Augsburg has a small and diverse campus so you get to know a lot of people from many different backgrounds. I am excited to be an Ambassador for the Augsburg Youth Theology Institute and get to know more people.

More about the AYTI Ambassadors

Fidelina and Ian are working to share their experience and help connect youth and congregations with AYTI. If you are interested in learning more about the Youth Theology Institute, or having our Ambassadors visit your congregation to share their experience, please contact us at