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Collaborating to nurture vocation

Rather than operating as a stand-alone center, the CCV collaborates with other on-campus departments and off-campus partners to explore the nexus between faith, learning, and service. Together, we produce activities that lie close to the heart of educational enterprise, enhance the capacity of the University to nurture vocation in every learning environment, and advance the “common commitments” of the Augsburg community – living in faith, global understanding, active citizenship, and meaningful work.

On-Campus Partners

Campus Ministry

Center for Global Education and Experience

Leadership Studies

Center for Teaching & Learning

Religion Department

Sabo Center for Demorary and Citizenship

Strommen Center for Meaningful Work

Theology and Public Leadership Initiative


Off-Campus Partners

ELCA: Minneapolis

ELCA: NW Minnesota

ELCA: SE Minnesota

ELCA: St. Paul

Network of ELCA Colleges and Universities

Interfaith Youth Core

Midwest Center for Dependable Strengths

Seeing Things Whole