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What Happens Here

Here is just some of what happens at Cedar Commons.

Public Work Projects

Cedar Commons is available to support collaborative projects through which students and community partners work in partnership to respond to community needs and opportunities. We believe that the wisdom and experience of communities most negatively impacted by society’s systems should be at the center of efforts to transform those systems. Therefore, our priority will be to facilitate opportunities for young people to learn and work with leaders from communities that are represented within the student body, but whose experiences, expertise, and perspectives are still underrepresented within the faculty, staff, and curriculum.

West Bank Open Mics

This monthly Open Mic is a youth-centered creative space for performance, expression, dialogue and connection. Each week features one local artist and the rest of the time is open to performances from whoever else shows up. West Bank Open Mics continue to draw between 20 and 60 young people (both college students and other Cedar Riverside residents) each night. 

Interfaith @ Cedar Commons

This monthly gathering of community members is centered around building relationships across faith traditions and learning from each other’s experiences, stories, and convictions. Our multi-faith organizing team works with Augsburg’s Interfaith Scholars to plan and facilitate each gathering, all of which include a meal.

See Facebook group for more details about specific events:

Panels and Speakers

As part of our commitment to connecting young people with local communities, professionals, and movements, we often host panel discussions, highlighting “Local Leaders Strengthening Communities.” We welcome local leaders to share their stories and engage around questions of what it takes to be effective agents of change. We encourage other groups and departments holding similar dialogues to strongly consider using Cedar Commons.

Open Speaker AA Meeting

Open Speaker Alcoholics Anonymous meetings are open to alcoholics and non-alcoholics alike. Each meeting features three AA members who share their experience, strength, and hope.


Collaborative Convening

At our intersectional location, we strive to build connection between leaders and groups whose interests and vision for strengthening our community are aligned with each other. We believe a neighborhood that’s connected in mutual ways can more quickly and effectively respond to the needs and opportunities that arise.



In support of leadership development in our neighborhood and campus communities, Cedar Commons consistently hosts various community organizing and leadership trainings. These are opportunities for students and community members to build the skill of equitable, collaborative, public work.