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Cedar Commons is dedicated to strengthening relationships between Augsburg and its community partners, or connecting community partners more deeply with each other towards a stronger neighborhood community. The goals is that by building these collaborative public relationships, we will increase our collective capacity to respond more powerfully to the needs and opportunities facing our community.

We have limited staff capacity so we usually cannot accommodate regularly scheduled meetings of closed groups and we do not host private family events.

Space Details


55 (seated around tables)

80 (seated in rows with tables moved to the back room)


Our kitchen is not up to code and cannot currently be used for food prep. We do have an ice machine and counter space available for your use. You are welcome to bring in catered or purchased food. Check out this list of recommended neighborhood restaurants.


  • Sound system, equipped to amplify vocals, instrumentals, music via Bluetooth
  • 2 mics, 1 mic stand
  • Projector and screen, (connects to Mac or PC)
  • Extension cords


Parking in the Trinity lot is only available to event organizers.

Other parking options :

  • Metered parking along Riverside Ave. (free after 6pm)
  • Parking ramps/lots at 21st Ave. + 4th St., and at 19th and 3rd.

Parking Map:

Contact us

Contact Rachel at to request use of the space. Please include the following information:

  • Your name
  • Your Group/Organization
  • Who are you partnering with?
  • Event/Program description
  • How does this fit with the purpose of Cedar Commons?
  • Date(s) and Time(s)
  • Your contact information (email, phone, whatever is best)

Organizers will follow up with you to discuss this further.