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Test Taking Procedures

How Instructors are Notified about a Student Disability

Disability Specialists will email you notifying you of a student’s approved accommodations and the email will be copied to the student. It is a student’s decision and responsibility whether or not to disclose a disability, but academic accommodations will not be provided through the disability resources offices without the instructor having been notified.

Testing Contract

If exam accommodations have been approved for a student, the notification letter you receive will have a link to a testing contract you should complete to let us know how tests will be received, what materials are allowed during testing, and how tests should be returned to you when finished. You will only need to complete one testing contract per course section, even if there are multiple students with disabilities and multiple exams in the course.

It is important for you to complete the testing contract as soon as possible after you receive the accommodation notification email.

If a student requests to take a test in the Groves Lab, you will receive an email with a link for uploading the exam. If you prefer, you may still drop off exams in Lindell 216 or email them to

Please do not hesitate to contact the CLASS Office if you have any questions about this process. We appreciate the ways you partner with us to provide equal opportunities for Augsburg students with disabilities.

Need Help Filling Out a Testing Contract?

Watch this video showing you how to fill out a testing contract: YouTube Tutorial for Filling Out a Faculty Testing Contract

Taking Tests in the Groves Lab (CLASS)

  • On the day of the test, students come to the Groves Accommodations Lab (Lindell 216) instead of going to the classroom (unless the instructor indicates that the student needs to attend part of the class period).
  • Because the Groves Lab opens at 8:00, we have students schedule morning exams no earlier than 8:30 to give us time to get the testing area prepared.
  • Students leave books, notes, book bags, phones, and purses outside of the testing rooms unless the instructor indicates on the Testing Contract that the student may use certain items during the test. Proctors check on the students periodically during testing.
  • If a student is caught violating the university-wide academic honesty policies, testing is stopped immediately, and the instructor is notified of the circumstances.
  • Usually students complete each test in one block of time; however, short breaks are allowed under the proctor’s supervision.
  • If necessary, students may ask the instructor’s permission to schedule a test earlier or later in the day in order to allow time to finish the test without conflicting with another class.
  • Completed tests can be returned to the instructor’s office or you can pick them up. Tests are not returned through campus mail, but we can mail them to a home address or scan them into an email.

Notetaking Services

You might receive an email indicating that a student is eligible to receive copies of another student’s lecture notes. Sometimes we have already identified a notetaker for a course, or students prefer to select their own notetakers, but please offer to help students arrange a notetaker. Sometimes we might ask that you make an announcement or send an email sent to the class soliciting volunteers. Please consider the confidentiality of the student at all times and do not disclose the name of the student to the entire class when making notetaker announcements. Please have Notetakers contact the Accommodations team in Lindell 216 for instructions.

Textbooks in Alternative Formats

Some students are eligible to receive alternative-format versions of their textbooks. Because of the time involved in acquiring books in alternative formats and scanning books, we ask instructors to select classroom texts as early as possible before the start of the term and to make any handouts available to the student ahead of time.

CLASS Office Location;  (612)330-1053,