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Alternative Format Textbooks

Alternative Format Textbooks are textbooks created in an electronic format for students to read. Textbooks are read using Assistive Technology software programs. Files for these textbooks come in a variety of formats. If you are a student who qualifies for textbooks in this format, please follow the steps below to request textbooks in an alternative format:

  • Click on the AIM Database link
  • Check-box the class(es) for Spring term you want to use alternative format books
  • Click the button: “Continue to customize your accommodations”
  • Check-box requested accommodations and Submit (repeat as many times as necessary)

Note – you must be signed into Inside Augsburg in order to access the book request form

Once requested, book files will be released to your Google Drive folder once proof of purchase (receipt for your book(s)) has been received by the CLASS Office. Please email your receipt or proof of purchase to the CLASS Office at or bring in a physical copy of the receipt into the CLASS Office to have it copied.

If you have questions or concerns about Alternative Format Textbooks or a request you’ve made, please contact the Assistive Technology & Accommodations Specialist at or at 612-330-1353.