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Annual StepUP Thanksgiving

dsc_0277Over 70 StepUP students, alumni, and friends gathered together on the evening of November 20th for the annual StepUP Thanksgiving dinner. All the food was cooked by the students, for the students. The delectable dinner featured creamy mashed potatoes, cheese covered hash browns, macaroni with bread crumbs, homemade peach pie, Thelma’s ice cream sandwiches, over 100 pounds of turkey, and much more. It is very clear that we have some very talented cooks amidst the community.


I ate light all day to save my appetite for the dinner. As they say, if you didn’t eat too much on Thanksgiving, you didn’t do it right. Well, I definitely lived out that legacy, and am certain I wasn’t the only one. No regrets, though.



A GoPro mounted in the corner of the room captured video of the entire event in chronological order: set up, waiting in line, eating (a lot), clean up, and food coma. Also, one delightful student had an additional GoPro bound to his chest, catching attendees at their very best and very worst moments of the night. It was funny until it was you he caught on camera taking a larger-than-average bite of food. Thanks so much, Chad!


It is refreshing to have at least one night a year where the whole community can get together, converse, eat, and have fun. It was a fine opportunity to take a moment and remember who and what I am truly grateful for. Gratitude always leads me to happiness. On that note, thank you to the Leadership Team for coordinating a beautiful, harmonious evening. Another thank you to everyone who cooked and helped make the night so, so flavorful.


-Connie K.