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Thanksgiving 2017

I’m not sure how we manage to pull off a full thanksgiving dinner for dozens of students every year, but somehow we did the impossible again: got a bunch of addicts and alcoholics to cooperate and organize a nice meal.  And it went off without a hitch!

StepUP students sitting at table

I honorably did my duty with my roommate Bryan and made about one and a half gallons of gravy. The ingredients included gravy powder, water and butter. Complexity of that recipe aside, Bryan looked very stressed watching the massive stockpot full of water barely budge in temperature with only 30 minutes to spare before dinner. I told him that a watched pot never boils but he didn’t seem consoled.

Each dish was assigned to one apartment or group of flat mates. Five turkeys in five ovens. Owen showed off his cutlery skills and carved up every one of them himself! I’ve heard reports that StepUP student and Thanksgiving enthusiast Ben founded the “clean plate club”, of which he was later denied membership due to not meeting its one qualification. Tragic.

StepUP students sitting for thanksgiving dinner

Although the subject is controversial, there has been some consensus about which dish was the best. The dish described to me as an “Oreo pudding thing” was a massive hit.  I would love to give my compliments to the chef, but it’s a bit of a mystery who brought it (according to the one person I asked about it). Maybe the Oreo pudding was always there?


StepUP students in the flat

The true heroes of this story are Daniel, Emma, Alexa, Sophie, Moses and Annie. They were the main people responsible for the cleanup. Thanks guys!

I’ll make a better gravy next time.